Wind Power
Wind power is the product of modern technology to harvest the driving force of the wind used for mechanical grinding of grain in windmills already for several centuries and having been transformed with industrial-sized wind turbine into renewable electric power since the beginning of the 21. century.

Production of electrical power is in the present case the result of the coupling a rotor to an electric generator for the production of direct or alternating current. The generator /s is /are connected to the electrical grid network for industrial production units, or working in a “stand alone” system with a backup combustion generators and /or a battery parc or another energy storage device (p. ex. hydroelectric pumped storage)

The global total wind installed capacity reached 369.6 GW at the end of 2014, with an increase of 51.5 GW in a year with a growth of 16.2%, against 12.4% in 2013. China installed alone 23.35 GW, or helds 45.2% of total installed capacity world wide and represents 31% of the world wind parc in 2014!