Mounting Systems

Insertion System

-Without having to apply clamps eliminates the need for assistance ensuring lightning-fast installation

-Easy to assemble with few components and without special tools on the roof

-Sleek design with continuous closed surface adds further robustness

-Insertion profile provides additional frame reinforcement

SingleRail System

-Quick and low-cost with direct lateral connections to the rail including customised height adjustment

-Secure snap-in assembly – without needing to be screwed into the base plate

-The SingleRail in combination with CrossHook roof hooks


AERO JUST 2.1 is our aerodynamic south system for mounting framed modules on flat roofs. It is available in 5°, 10° as well as 15° inclination and selectable in different row distances…



Mounting and assembly system for photovoltaic modules, designed for outdoor use, no ground sealing due to assembly system, extremely fast assembly and commissioning of photovoltaic system…

Other products available on request.