Future Energy Enterprise

Future Energy SA is a swiss limited company, with an own capital of 100’000 CHF, incorporated in June 2014 and having taken over the commercial activities of Future Energy Individual company previously active since 2010.

The company is mainly acting in

-project development, analysis of energy needs, static and electrical / hydraulic dimensioning, preparation of technical documentation with quote / offer;

– administrative procurement, construction announcement, request for connection to the electrical grid, request for local / federal subsidies;

-the turnkey delivery of solar power plants, private metering system, thermal heating / heating production.

You would like to acquire a photovoltaic power plant, solar thermal unit or a complete thermal system, during your voluntary energy sanitation, the required renovation of your home, or in combination with the construction of your real estate project?

We provide you with the “turnkey” delivery of

– Administrative formalities required, construction permit, application for subsidies, etc;

– Complete components, photovoltaic modules, mounting systems, inverter and wiring,  metering system, charging station, heat pump, etc;

-Roofing construction work, complete electrical installation, hydraulic connection, manual or mechanical handling, necessary workplace safety measures, etc.

-Procedures for commissioning, inspection of construction acceptance, certification of the production facility, supervision of production / consumption, complete technical and administrative documentation for the client, etc.

Our target is your satisfaction in the short and medium term, using all our expertise to benefit from your project, with suppliers on the top of technology, qualified installers and specialized partners, to deliver you a tailor-made solution according to needs and desires as to our customers throughout Switzerland for almost 10 years!

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